What is Demo ROM?

Demo ROM is a PC format multimedia CD ROM cut to business card size. It is a video demo reel, audio demo reel, performer's resume, and photo portfolio all built into a multimedia program that runs in any PC computer CD ROM drive. Everything that a producer, talent scout, agent or casting director would want to see is professionally presented on one small disc. Anyone sending out video cassette demos or audio samples on CD can improve their image by moving to a Demo ROM of their work.

An advantage of the Demo ROM over a regular CD or video tape is packaging and mailing. It can be put in a regular envelope with a letter and the postage is the same as any other letter sized envelope. If you have to mail out a video tape it would cost you significantly more to send in the mail. Even a full sized CD will cost double the price of a standard sized envelope to mail and then you have to worry about special packaging to ensure it gets to its destination undamaged. By the time you have packaged up and sent out 1000 videos or standard CD's you have practically paid for the production of a Demo ROM and the replication of 1000 Demo ROM cards and you have an inferior product to represent you.

Click Here to view professional actor Michael Willis' Demo ROM.

demo ROM

"Demo ROM is the best demo reel solution for actors and voice talent that I've ever seen. Producers need to be able to quickly sift through their options for talent and this allows then to see just what they want to see and nothing else. It's perfect."

-James Sheridan
Trice Talent Services