Portfolio - Flash Applications

Bicycle Safer Journey

Case Study: Bicycle Safer Journey CD ROM

The Federal Highway Administration needed to educate your teenagers about bicycle safety and the rules of the road. Capital Webtec teamed up with KLS engineering to develop the Bicycle Safer Journey CD ROM. This fully animated CD ROM takes kids on an educational trip through a day in the life of a teen aged boy riding his bike to get from place to place. The CD is an E-Learning piece that is widely used across America in classrooms. There have been at least 50,000 copies distributed and the feedback from FHWA has been great. The CD ROM includes teachers' aids such as lesson plans as well as a quiz at the end of the CD ROM.

Click the graphic to the right for a small preview of the CD ROM.

Pizza Hut

Case Study: Pizza Hut Pizza.com

Pizza Hut Pizza.com needed to engage kids and parents on their site. Capital Webtec built them a "build your own pizza" application that actually generates a coupon based on the topping the kids use on their pizza in the application. The application is interactive and allows kids to have fun while learning about the options that Pizza Hut has for their pizzas including crusts and toppings.

Click on the Pizza Hut Logo to the right to see the application.

Case Study: Salesforce.com

Teaming up with Thinkbig LLC, Brian Landis has created multiple E-Learning Modules for Salesforce. These modules are self running flash applications that work within the salesforce architecture and allow them to track user progress while learning the features and functionality of the Salesforce CRM system. This is a great example of hiring a Brian as a member of your on staff team for a project. Brian became part of the Thinkbig team to help service this client.

Click on the graphic below to see an example of the module created to show people the App-Exchange at Salesforce.