Interactive Home Tours

Capital Webtec's interactive home tour product is completely different than the traditional 360 degree tours that have been used in the past. Our interactive tours are based on the idea that people need a way to realistically get a feel for a property and they are not always able to see it in person. Traditional 360 tours give an extremely warped view of a property and usually only from the center of the room. Floor plans can give accurate layouts, but are hard for most people to visualize in 3D. Our tour combines floor plans, photography, and as much information as you want to include into one easy to use application. Viewers see a realistic view of the property and how it coincides with a floor plan.

One of the great advantages of this type of tour is that it can be used on web sites, CD ROM, or as a kiosk at sales offices or even at trade shows. Once the tour is built it can integrated into any of those applications very easily.

Here are a few links to some of our tours:

The Ellington
Robert Trent Jones Golf Club
Apartments: The Ellington by
Donatelli & Klein
Golf Course: Club House at Robert Trent Jones Golf CLub

the Durham
Patuxent Place Woodlawn Manor
Home Builder: The Durham by Sturbridge Homes Apartment Complex: One Bedroom Loft at Patuxent Place Rental Property: Woodlawn Manor - Montgomery County Parks and Planning Commission

"Capital Webtec did a sample interactive tour for us a while back and we didn't initially do anything with it. Apparently they had posted it on their web site as a sample because we started getting calls from people who had seen it and wanted to rent our apartments because of it. After a while we were getting so many calls that we knew that we needed more than a web site for the complex. We had to have these interactive tours for our floor plans. "

-Dave Cummings
Patuxent Place - Cooper and Cummings Developers

"Awesome...This is the way to buy a house. I wish they had these tours the last time I was looking."

-Dr. Eric Schwartz
(home buyer)