Web Design and Development Services

Capital Webtec takes a business approach to web development. Although we can create beautiful graphics and sophisticated animation, those things are just the finish you put over the foundation. Without a solid foundation, all you have is an empty shell.

We believe that just like a company, web sites should have a mission. Whatever that mission is, we design web sites to fulfill it. The development process needs to start with a solid understanding of what the client's goals are for the web site. We take the time to analyze the client's needs and their competition and then we devise a way to give them a competitive edge. That edge includes better site design. Site design means functionality, ease of use, and design aesthetics. Our use of CSS in our new ste development will aid you in more efficient editing and updating of your site as well as making it easier to modify the look and feel of the site to keep it fresh.

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Flash Development Services

Some web designers use flash for purely visual purposes. While Flash is great for animated graphics and a high tech look, it is even better for creating feature rich applications such as E-learning Courseware, and Educational CD ROMs.

The advantage of using Flash as a development tool is that finished applications can be used on web sites, distributed on CD ROM, or set up as interactive kiosks. They can be used in sales offices, as sales presentations on a laptop, or in conference exhibits. No other application is more flexible and powerful when used by development professionals.

Capital Webtec has been developing custom applications in Flash for years. Our Flash development projects have consisted of a wide variety of uses including software demos, e-learning tools, games, promotional pieces, interactive maps, and of course animated graphics.

Let our professionals help you create a custom application that will take your project to the next level. People from advertising agencies, government agencies, associations, non-profits, and corporations of all sizes have counted on our Flash expertise and none of them have been disappointed.

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User Interface (IU) and User Experience design and consulting

We have found a growing need for our expertise in the areas a of UI design and User Experience consulting. Many times companies have an on staff designer, but that designer is young and fairly inexperienced or just doesn't understand the technical side of UI design. UI design is not just about creating a nice looking web site. It is about creating user interfaces that get the customer from point A to point B without confusion and in an effective and efficient manner. Our experience can help make any web site more effective with just a few suggestions. We offer that UI design or consulting as a service. We don't require our consulting clients to hire us for design if they have another vendor or in house person they choose to complete the changes or do the development.

In a similar manner, our user experience consulting can improve any interactive product. We can be used to do software testing and reporting for ease of use and functionality recommendations. Our solid foundation in building interactive products has been put to use by many companies who already have a product in development or have a product idea and want a professional opinion on the user experience their product will have. This consulting service can take any interactive product to the next level and make the user experience of the product better.

Interactive Media Project Management

Brian Landis can lead your development team in development. Brian can assist you with finding resources, purchasing or design media for use in the project and managing the production staff for the duration of the development cycle. These projects tend to be longer term development pieces, however many times organizations don't have the need to permanently staff these projects. This is where outsourcing the management of the project to Capital Webtec is useful. Brian can act as your in house manager and build your product with you from the ground up. Call us to talk to Brian Landis about this service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every web site should be set up and optimized for the best possible search engine placement. Search engines such as Google are crawlers. That means they look all over the world wide web and catalogue everything they see. The rankings in most of the search engines are not determined by meta tags and keyword lists on web sites anymore. They are determined by an algorithm that includes a bunch of variables including content relevance to a search and how many links your site has in other places that are highly ranked in the search engines. That is a very basic description, but you can see how complex this can really get. Capital Webtec can help you get your web site optimized for the search engines so you get higher rankings and show up more often in relevant searches. We can also help you come up with ways to drive traffic to your site. Call us today to get started. We can do an analysis of your site and give you a recommendation list, or we can make the changes to your site for you. It's up to you.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Depending on your web site, your type of business and your budget, pay per click advertising could be a significant revenue boost your your business. People have had mixed reactions to these campaigns, but most of the negative reactions are probably due to mismanagement or no management of the campaign after it is started. A successful PPC program needs to be monitored and adjusted regularly to see what is working and what is not. Most of the time, finding the right place to put your ads or how to word them will take some trial and error. Let Capital Webtec come up with a plan and implement it for you. We will monitor the click thru's and make the adjustments for you. Call us to get started now.

My Health Costs web site
"Capital created a great CSS template for our site very quickly and efficiently. I would use them again for sure."

-Michael Mead
My Health Costs

Leader Board Systems screen grab

"Capital took the time to research our competition and what they were doing with their web sites so that we would know what we needed to do in order to make our site effective. Past experience with web companies tells me that Capital Webtec knows how to do their job."

-Martin Bennertz
Leader Board Systems